Don’t stress; we like Tess

I live in something of a Strictly Come Dancing obsessed household. My two girls (aged 6 and 4) and I love the sparkle and the glam of the BBC’s Saturday night hit. We also — of course — watch the Sunday results show and Zoe Ball’s daily SCD bulletin It Takes Two.

We have our favourite couples and our favourite judges. Last year, we even made cardboard scoring “bats”.

But this year we have a new game.

And it involves Tess Daly (who should arguably be the main host of the whole show).

We were wondering how her wardrobe choices were made. How can such a statuesque woman be given such odd frocks?

As the series began, facebook posts were exchanged suggesting alternative ways to make Tess’s frock (a shower curtain and towel rail in week two, for example). But then my girls got involved… So now we begin each Saturday and Sunday show with a Barbie (I say Barbie… she’s actually the Wilko equivalent) and try to recreate Tess’s frock by the end of the programme.

Play along… go on; we can’t be the only family with felt tips and a doll. Post me your pics.


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