26 October main show

Well here we go… just me and younger daughter tonight and we’re super-excited. The credits roll and she dashes upstairs to get “Dress like Tess”.

OK. Tess is wearing a dark blue long satiny type frock. We rack our brains and search through the drawers under our beds. As luck would have it, when I was pregnant with elder daughter, my mother-in-law made me a top and I souped it up with some dark blue satin ribbon. Result.

So we get busy with ribbon, “Tess” and sellotape.

But we’ve barely got the skirt together when a Dress Like Tess picture arrives. This one’s from Abi Gray, a Norwich-based ACTUAL FASHION STYLIST. Woohoo!

Now, poor Abi is feeling somewhat under the weather today but she still put this together using a lace top, a piece of blue fabric and a single pin. And all by 6.42pm. She rocks.


26 Oct Abi



Meanwhile, younger daughter and I put this together… although, as littl’un points out: “You can see her pants!”

26 Oct 002


Sorry, “Tess”.

Let’s see how she looks alongside her televised self…


26 Oct 001





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