27 October results show

Well, actually it’s no longer 27 October. It’s Monday 28 October, it’s breakfast time and the girls and I are watching the rain and wind intensify outside as we await the arrival of the storm that’s been bringing down trees and flooding roads overnight. We didn’t watch yesterday’s show live as we were at a house party that went on until a bedtime-busting 7.45pm.

Toast has been toasted and, because it’s half term, we are watching telly while we breakfast. The results show has been recorded. Press play.

Tess and Claudia walk on stage. Tess’s frock hasn’t, I’m afraid, sent us into a creative frenzy.

“It’s a purple dress,” says 4-y-o. “Tight,” adds 6-y-o.

We’re drawing something of a blank in the purple fabric department too. My wedding dress would be about right, but I’m loathe to cut it up for the sake of dress like Tess.

I’ve just cleared out a load of the kids’ clothes and there are a few bits I can’t sell on or give away because they’ve been chewed or have undarnable holes.

A terracotta jersey top might work if we colour it purple with felt tips…

Meanwhile, following a heated debate about whose doll is whose, Tinkerbell is this morning’s model. Saturday’s Tess is still resplendent in her navy satin number and was last seen speeding off in the pink Barbie car across the lounge carpet. I think she’s off to a photo shoot.

So here we are. Not our best effort… Although in this light the colour of the fabric doesn’t look too bad. I’m afraid there’s no picture of Tinkerbell on her own in her frock because she’s already had her dress removed by 4-y-o.

27 Oct 001

Did any of you do any better? Send me some pics!


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