30 November main show: even more

Look, it’s Rosie from Farsley’s Tess! She’s not used tights. Oh no. She’s used… a sock and a sparkly headband. Love it

30 Nov Rosie 001


I’m overwhelmed by tonight’s levels of Tessery and all your ingenuity. I wonder what Ms Daly will be wearing tomorrow?


30 November main show: now just look at THIS

An unstoppable tide of Tesses… Here comes Amanda from Hertfordshire’s entry. As I said earlier, Amanda and I were actually hanging out at Elstree studios last night, but tragically nowhere near the Strictly stage.

So just look at this — how the Dickens has she done the neckline? She tells us sellotape and sequins were her friends this week, as well (of course) as a pair of tights.

30 Nov Amanda 001

So what does yer actual Tess think? Hmmm… not sure she’s completely happy…

30 Nov Amanda 002

30 November main show: “sheer genius”

Oh look at this. It’s from frequent Dress Like Tess-er Sally from North London. Well, hello Sally.

Sal has got around the whole nude vs mushroom vs “mushroom nude” vs grey debate by using an old hold-up. Resourceful (and our second tights-based entry tonight). Fellow Dress Like Tess-er Nic from Norwich describes the use of tights as “sheer genius”… See what she did there? Anyway, back to Sally’s Tess. Mr Dress Like Tess was impressed. “She’s worked on that bustier,” he said.

30 Nov Sal 001


Lovely. But the show’s not over yet… Let’s see your Tesses e: moggy@moggyandleesy.com

30 November main show: here come the Tesses

Oh wow… now we’re motoring.

First up, it’s Jude in St Albans. Jude is a retired counsellor; she’s an artist too. Here’s her Tess. Love that tinfoil

30 Nov Jude 001


Next up, here’s Nic in Norwich. Nic is a teacher; only today I saw her exhibit enviable patience while overseeing a gaggle of six-year-olds making pizzas. Nic tells us the secret to this Tess is “very old Spanx”

30 Nov Nic 001


And finally (for the moment) here’s my own six-year-old daughter’s entry: note the similar tin-foil bustier to my Tess. We know a good thing when we see it

30 Nov Connie 001


Let’s see some more!

Saturday 30 November main show

Evening all

Guess what? I was at Elstree studios last night. Not stalking Ms Daly; my lovely mate (and regular Dress Like Tess-er) Amanda and I went to a recording of Vic and Bob’s new sitcom, House of Fools. House of Fools is very funny; I guess it’ll be on next year. But audience-shepherding was such that we weren’t allowed far from a hi-vis-jacketed marshal, so no running off to the main Strictly set for us. Probably best…

So. What’s Tess wearing tonight? Is it grey or is it nude? The Facebook debate rages.

I have some gold/see-through ribbon and a too-chewed-at-the-cuff to sell child’s grey jersey top. And I have tin foil and sellotape. Of course I have sellotape — how else can we make pleats?

Controversially I have a dark-haired “Tess” tonight…


30 Nov 001


Let’s take a look at that sparkly detailing… Gotta love tin foil. Alas, glue stick won’t stick foil blobs to ribbon. Hooray for the sellotape corporation!

30 Nov 002


and here’s “Tess” with Tess…

30 Nov 003


So… is it grey? Is it nude? Who cares — let’s see your Tesses!

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24 November results show

“It’s a trouser suit,” says Mr Dress Like Tess. “You’re in trouble now.”

Hmmm he’s got a point. Granny is playing again tonight and has Rapunzel in hand. But what’s this? Under the curtains I find a discarded doll… oh,hang on! She’s wearing tight “denim” trousers. (Thanks again, Wilko.)

Anyway, Granny and I have split the one sheet of black tissue paper. Let’s see what we can come up with. Oh crikey I’ve cut too deep a V in the paper and all you can see is plastic breasts. Insert your own joke here.

24 Nov 001

So that’s my Tess. But would you take a look at Granny’s?! Trousers made of paper. Oh yes. Granny rocks.

24 Nov Jude 001

So who else is playing tonight? Send me an email: moggy@moggyandleesy.com