03 Nov results show

Evenin’ all. Tess’s dress tonight… meh.

The show has barely been on two minutes when I receive a text from a Dress like Tess player saying that Ms Daly’s frock tonight is so boring that she’s going to play on her playstation instead. Don’t leave us… oh.

In happier news, here’s a pic sent in for last night’s show. It’s from Rosie in West Yorkshire.

Rosie repairs tent poles for a living; her “Tess” is certainly more glamping than camping.

02 Nov Rosie 1


Rosie tells us she used an evening bag for this dress. Nice work.

But back to this evening’s show. We just re-used the sock “Tess” wore last night with a bit of foil at the neck.

I know. The sock *again*. Tess, please wear a colour other than black. Pretty please.

I’ve found a tiny witch’s hat that a three-year-old acquaintance made in pre-school so we can re-create that rather lovely flown-in opening sequence.

03 Nov 002


And here’s “Tess” next to Tess…

03 Nov 001


So. Unexciting dress and an insane line-up in the dance-off. Oh Strictly. Not a vintage episode.


4 thoughts on “03 Nov results show

  1. We are impressed (well, I am! I showed your blog to Polly, explained what it was about, and she rolled her eyes and said “Duh. I ALREADY know that.” Clearly, your fame has spread far and wide). Anyway, we are in for next Saturday! Barbies at the ready.

    • Brilliant news. I will be dressing “Tess” while preparing for party shenanigans. I hope she’s wearing a colour other than black…

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