9 November main show


It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m watching last night’s Strictly because last night was my birthday party and frankly, Dress like Tess took second place to drinking pints of wine and dancing like a crazer.

Anyway, Tess is big host and she’s already delivered Brucie’s script better than he ever does. But what about the frock? Well, before we see what we can use to recreate this tight blue number, let’s have a look at a couple of other Dress like Tess pics.



This one’s from Ruth in Norwich. She’s a chef, educator and cake-baker (take a look at this loveliness https://www.facebook.com/cooperandread?filter=2) and I can’t help but notice a certain culinary theme in this Tess. Loving the rolling pin. And the J-cloth, if I’m honest…



And look at this beauty! Dress Like Tess prosecco! Superb. It’s from Claire in Norwich; you can find her crafty excellence at Mrs Brown Makes https://www.facebook.com/mrsbrownmakes?fref=ts

Right… what have we got. Alas no blue fabric, but a pair of sort-of stripy blue tights with undarnable holes. Oh hang on, the gusset is blue. And we have tin foil and sellotape. Let’s play.




Both Tesses showing a bit of leg there…


Anyone else playing?


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