So here we are on location in Hatfield. The house is full of women — six aged under 10 and six aged, well… more than that.

Anyway, we’ve all brought our supplies of old fabric, tights, evening bags etc. This is Blackpool — surely Tess is going to pull out all the stops!

The credits roll, the amazing over-the-top opening number lights up the stage and we’ve got our fingers crossed that Tess will be sparkling.


A huge cry of “noooooo”… Tess is in a long blue/black number with slits at the top. We wistfully cast aside the spangly fabric and reach once again for the old tights.

16 Nov 004


OK so perhaps you can’t really see the mini-Tess here.

Instead, here are all three of our efforts. As one of the grown-ups points out: “The Barbies have gathered at Ken’s funeral.”

16 Nov 005


So next week one of our players has decided that if Tess doesn’t go for something more interesting than dark blue or black, she’s going to copy the professionals’ frocks instead.



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