17 November results show: at last — a challenge!


Tonight I’m playing Dress like Tess with Heather from Reading. Not only is Heather a supremely creative lady who made four amazing and unique bridesmaids’ dresses for her own wedding but she’s also an art gallery manager… she basically knows her creative stuff.

Challenge two: Tess is actually wearing something that isn’t black or blue! HOORAY

So… my first thought involved tissue paper embellished with glue and glitter, but even though the “fabric” looks passable, there’s no way it’ll be dry by the end of the show. 


Plan B, then… the sleeve of a child’s too-chewed-to-resell jersey top, fabric glue and hastily applied glitter. I can even re-use the belt from last night’s frock aka a bit of leather that fell off the washing basket yesterday morning.


Meanwhile, next to me, Heather is carefully folding, wrapping and even making a cowboy hat.

Oh yes.



And here are the Tesses… which do you like best?



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