23 November main show: Tess in “not black” shocker

Evenin’ all

I’ve had to hide upstairs to write this because our wi-fi has decided it’s only going to work if I’m sitting right next to the router. Thanks, Virgin.

Anyway, how excited were we when Tess first appeared on screen in a colour other than dark blue/black?

“White tissue paper!” shouted six-year-old, before changing her mind and yelling “kitchen roll!”

Four-year-old, meanwhile, had another idea. She already has a “wedding dress” for her dolls (thanks, Wilko) and stuck that on top of the purple spangly number her Barbie was already wearing.

23 Nov 001 23 Nov 002


Not bad, littl’un.

Meanwhile, six-year-old got on the case with the kitchen roll. She’s even managed the neckline.

23 Nov 004

Granny’s staying with us and she also took the kitchen-roll option, although she declared that she was giving up because she “wasn’t really watching the dancing”. Anyway, here’s “Tess-punzel”.

23 Nov 006


Wow, we’re busy. Here comes a picture from Abi in Norwich. You remember Abi; she’s played before. She’s an ACTUAL FASHION STYLIST. Look. http://agstyling.blogspot.co.uk/

Abi has gone for white paper on her mannequin. Check those pleats.

23 Nov Abi 001


And finally I’ve finished mine. I got the white tissue paper and our old friend sellotape. I thought about using a keyring for the neckline, but a discarded hairband (believe me, our house is full of them) worked better.

23 Nov 005


Right. That’s us. Who else is playing? Send me your pictures to moggy@moggyandleesy.com




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