24 November results show

“It’s a trouser suit,” says Mr Dress Like Tess. “You’re in trouble now.”

Hmmm he’s got a point. Granny is playing again tonight and has Rapunzel in hand. But what’s this? Under the curtains I find a discarded doll… oh,hang on! She’s wearing tight “denim” trousers. (Thanks again, Wilko.)

Anyway, Granny and I have split the one sheet of black tissue paper. Let’s see what we can come up with. Oh crikey I’ve cut too deep a V in the paper and all you can see is plastic breasts. Insert your own joke here.

24 Nov 001

So that’s my Tess. But would you take a look at Granny’s?! Trousers made of paper. Oh yes. Granny rocks.

24 Nov Jude 001

So who else is playing tonight? Send me an email: moggy@moggyandleesy.com


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