Saturday 30 November main show

Evening all

Guess what? I was at Elstree studios last night. Not stalking Ms Daly; my lovely mate (and regular Dress Like Tess-er) Amanda and I went to a recording of Vic and Bob’s new sitcom, House of Fools. House of Fools is very funny; I guess it’ll be on next year. But audience-shepherding was such that we weren’t allowed far from a hi-vis-jacketed marshal, so no running off to the main Strictly set for us. Probably best…

So. What’s Tess wearing tonight? Is it grey or is it nude? The Facebook debate rages.

I have some gold/see-through ribbon and a too-chewed-at-the-cuff to sell child’s grey jersey top. And I have tin foil and sellotape. Of course I have sellotape — how else can we make pleats?

Controversially I have a dark-haired “Tess” tonight…


30 Nov 001


Let’s take a look at that sparkly detailing… Gotta love tin foil. Alas, glue stick won’t stick foil blobs to ribbon. Hooray for the sellotape corporation!

30 Nov 002


and here’s “Tess” with Tess…

30 Nov 003


So… is it grey? Is it nude? Who cares — let’s see your Tesses!

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