01 December results show: there are Tesses out there

Well well… So Mr Dress Like Tess and I were thinking that perhaps we should turn next week’s Dress Like Tess into a sleb special. If Tess is in black or dark blue, you can play along with any of the celebrities (male or female) instead of Ms Daly. Frankly, we were so uninspired by tonight’s black number that we wondered whether there’d be any tights left in the house by the final.

But there are brave Dress Like Tess-ers out there whose creativity flies in the face of a safe but saucy black frock. And here they are.

First up, it’s Sally from north London. Hello again, Sal. Actually, Sally’s four-year-old daughter made this. FAME!

01 Dec Sal 001

Meanwhile, in West Yorkshire, Polly Pocket and some wool gave us this fabulous creation, put together by frequent Dress like Tess-er Rosie and her family.

01 Dec Rosie 001

Well done… loving your work


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