02 December: a little Monday Tess

Afternoon all

One last entry for last night’s Dress Like Tess. We all agree Ms Daly herself looked fab, but here in bonkers doll-world, making another black dress is a bit dreary.

Anyway, our final Tess is from Amanda in Hertfordshire, and just look at that shoulder section. Brilliant. Amanda has used a popsock, felt tips and wundaweb (own brands are available).

01 Dec Amanda 001


Nice work, Amanda.

Now then, here at Dress Like Tess we were wondering whether we should widen the field next week.

For one thing, we’ve run out of tights and blue ribbon.

If Tess is wearing black or dark blue (colours in which she looks great but we’ve made many times already), you can choose any other celebrity frock/frilly shirt/suit/catsuit. What do you think? Comment below please



2 thoughts on “02 December: a little Monday Tess

  1. Guess the Dress! Helen Rose you are a genius. I think it’s a terrific idea to open it up a bit Mog.. only a few weeks left to use all our sequins and glitter.. eeeek, can’t wait till Saturday now!

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