07 December 2013: main show

And it’s a big hello from Norwich.

Tonight, we have one Tess, two Sophies and a Claudia. Actually, we had two Tesses but I can’t save one of them from my email.

So, as Tess chose to wear a “safe” colour, we decided that any celeb was fair game to dress. First up, though, here’s a Tess. It’s from Jude in Hertfordshire

07 December Jude's Tess 001




In our house, we thought that Sophie’s frock was much more fun. So we did this


07 Dec our Sophie



and honestly we thought this was all right until we received this belter from Amanda in Hertfordshire


07 Dec Daisy's Sophie


I know! How good is that?


(And no. That’s not Amanda from Hertfordshire holding “Sophie”. It’s someone else who lives in Amanda’s house.)


Meanwhile, back at Dress like Tess HQ, we’ve had a lovely evening featuring two enormous pizzas and some good friends. One of our guests, Oscar, decided he was going to try the “gaudier than Claudia” thing


07 December Oscar's Claudia


Oh yes.


So come on then, which celebs took your fancy tonight? Let me know at moggy@moggyandleesy.com




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