08 December results show


It’s Monday and here at Dress Like Tess Towers we’ve caught up with Sunday night’s show. We’ll admit we were shouting “Go on Patrick!” at the screen and slightly think that Susanna should have been in the dance-off but these debates appear to be rife on facebook so let’s talk about the frocks instead.

Hooray hooray, Tess was in red and looking fab.

And at last we could make a red dress. Whoop.

Let’s say a big hello to our first Tess, who comes from Amanda in Hertfordshire. What a fabulous figure-hugging frock.

08 Dec Amanda 001


Next up, here’s a “Tess” from Rosie in West Yorkshire. Now Rosie, we can’t help noticing that this isn’t actually a doll. And for that you win triple points (were we awarding points… which we’re not).

08 Dec Rosie 001


And finally, here’s a rather fabulous Tess from Sally in North London. We happen to know that Sally met Simon le Bon this week. Is she still hanging on to a spot of showbiz sparkle? That’s  a pretty fantastic frock.

08 Dec Sal 001

OK enough already. We’re off to lie down in a darkened room and eat cake-icing.



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