14 December main show

Remember that episode of the Simpsons, Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield? Marge finds a Chanel suit in an outlet store and gets asked to join the country club. Desperate to stay in with the in-crowd, she cuts it up and sews it back again, cuts it up, re-sews it…


That’s kinda how I feel about the black sock and what remains of the pair of tights that have formed the basis of so many of Tess’s frocks. There’s actually so little left of the tights that there’s no way I could replicate Tess’s skirt length tonight. And I’m afraid I don’t have teeny tiny sequins but I do have glitter by the bucketful, so that’s what we’ve done.


14 Dec 001


Anyhoo, Tess is in black. AGAIN.

But not to worry… already I’m getting some Tesses coming in!

First, let’s head to West Yorkshire, where regular player Rosie has drafted in her almost-10-year-old daughter… well, the finger of her daughter. Love this

14 Dec Rosie 001


Next, to Norwich, where hypnotherapist Steph is playing for the first time. And, to quote some past-it showbusiness figure: “Didn’t she do well!” This is great — we particularly like the top of the frock.


14 Dec Steph 001 14 Dec Steph 002



And finally (for now?). here’s a little something from Dress Like Tess regular Amanda from Hertfordshire. We can hardly see the join.


14 Dec Amanda 001



Magic. Anyone else playing? If Tess’s sequins aren’t floating your boat, feel free to style a celeb…

mail me at moggy@moggyandleesy.com











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