15 December results show… a bit hopeless, really


Yes, it’s Wednesday and we’re Dress Like Tess-ing… Why?

Well, Sunday’s results show was broadcast while the Dress Like Tess team was having a lovely Sunday dinner with its friends. Mr Dress Like Tess and his mate (we’ll call him Mr H) had gone watch a certain football team receive a Scouse thrashing and, in the meantime, the rest of us ate roast chicken and chocolate cheesecake and drank a soupcon of fizzy booze.

So by the time the results show appeared on telly, our Tess-dressing skills were not… well, not as good as they have perhaps been in previous weeks.

Not for want of enthusiasm… our lovely host (we’ll call her Mrs H) had a box of Barbies and a stack of fabric. And Tess herself appeared in a gorgeous floor-length white frock with silver ladders (yes, there’s a proper name for them — wonder what it is?) up the sleeves.

Our first attempt was all about the dress and less about the Tess.

15 Dec 001



Well, we had Christmas kitchen roll and we had some lovely silver ribbon. And we had enthusiasm! Mainly, we’ll be honest, this enthusiasm translated into shouty excitement about whether certain of the semi-finalist should still have been on the SCD dance floor, but it’s all enthusiasm. So here’s “Tess”. And a Christmas tree.

15 Dec 002


It’s Christmas lunch time and “Tess” appears to have had a fight with the turkey foil.

Anyway, we had a grand total of ZERO other Tesses on Sunday — shame, because real-life Tess looked cracking.

Big final on Saturday…




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