21 December main show

OK, here we go. Tess is wearing a shoulder-less white dress with insane amounts of silver mosaic-type embellishment and a long white pleated skirt.

At a record-breaking five to seven, our first Dress like Tess arrived from Marie. Now, Dress like Tess met Marie last month at a Strictly party. She’s aces. Tonight, Marie is in Leeds and she’s Dressing her Tess with Eden, aged six. They used tissue, sparkly thread and (of course) tin foil… and here’s their Tess.

21 December Marie 001


Oh yes. And here’s “Tess” with Tess.

21 December Marie 002


Meanwhile, here at Dress like Tess HQ, I covered the sofa in small pieces of tinfoil — something I’d never have sanctioned had my usual team of young Dress like Tess-ers been here…

So it’s white tissue paper, a loo-roll skirt and a heck of a lot of foil. Next week’s Christmas dinner is taking second place to doll-embellishment.

21 December 001


Anyone else playing tonight?



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