the final final final

Afternoon all

Well, it’s Sunday and at Dress like Tess HQ we’re feeling a touch delicate. But the kids are home and we’re catching up on the results show. Facebook has already told me who won but my girls don’t know yet and they’re a bit gutted that Sophie and Brendan didn’t get to dance their charleston again. Brendan has been a hit in our house ever since he guest-starred in Sooty.

Right… so first, let’s see our only entrant from last night. It’s from Rosie in West Yorkshire and of course she’s used a sock. Good skills.

Tess is wearing a black frock with an asymmetric top section and a high split.

21 December Rosie 003

Nice… like it.

Now, as you know, here at Dress Like Tess HQ we’re having something of a black fabric crisis. So I’m afraid for the final Tess of the series, we’ve had to use Christmas wrapping paper. I’d like to thank Poundland.

21 December 002


Thanks so much for all your Tesses during the series. I will start hoarding tights as soon as 2014 begins…






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