07 September 2014 launch show

… and we’re back.

So we kinda cheated with the launch show, because we’d already seen Tess’s frock on the trailer and the red button spesh with Zoe Ball. So this opening effort lacks a little of the regular Dress Like Tess scramble for old fabric and glitter.

Knowing Tess’s penchant for long black dresses, we’ve been saving old leggings and tights since Christmas. So here we are, then: a bit of legging and a small piece of A4 paper. Once again, sellotape is our friend.

07 Sep Imogen 1

Let’s see Tess with Tess, shall we?

07 Sep Imogen 2

Oh yeah.


Now then, you know we’re not expecting professional copies of Tess’s dresses — the whole point of DLikeT is to create affectionate tributes to Ms Daly’s frocks.

But is anyone else playing tonight, or is it just us, alone with our bag of frocks..? Email me at moggy@moggyandleesy.com if you’ve made a Tess in a Dress


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