Friday night’s going to be all right**

24 Sep pubpic1

Woohoo! Only a couple of sleeps until the return of Strictly, and apart from being more than a little distracted by the news that Steve Backshall will be performing a tango (surely that’s an excuse for shirtlessness), it’s time to revisit the bag marked “Dress Like Tess”.

We have been collecting fabric, old clothes and tissue paper all year, and although we secretly know that the black tights will be the most used item in the bag, maybe one week we’ll find a use for those ripped kids’ navy jeggings with silver stars.

Of course we’ve also stocked up on sellotape, without which there would be no DLikeT. And surely there’ll be scope to delve into these treacle tins full of sequins…

24 Sep pubpic2

9pm, Friday, BBC1. We might be having a sherry before the show starts.


**Danny from Fame can’t be wrong


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