26 September… Tess round-up


So thankfully it wasn’t just us playing Dress Like Tess last night. Over on the facebook page (www.facebook.com/dressliketess), these beauties appeared.

First, here’s the work of DLikeT co-editor Amanda from Hertfordshire. You remember Amanda from last season: she’s a social historian, mum of two and hosts the best Strictly Party this side of the M1. Amanda plainly was not caning the Asda-own-brand-smells-like-prosecco and created a rather fab Tess:

26 Sep Amanda 01

And as if that wasn’t delicious enough, here’s Claude!

26 Sep Amanda 02.

Meanwhile, in Norwich, designer Sally gave us this:

26 Sep Sal H 01

Isn’t that brilliant. Sally tells us she made this from knickers. Gotta love the resourcefulness of Dress Like Tess-ers.

Tonight I have been promised a mannequin Tess from my mate the ACTUAL FASHION STYLIST…

See y’all at 7pm. BBC1.


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