27 September… red!

Good evening Dress Like Tess-ers

I have just received a single-word message saying simply “Backshall”.

But enough… Let’s talk about Tess’s fab red skirt! DLikeT co-editor Amanda in Hertfordshire sent us this in super-quick time

27 Sep Amanda 01

She’s very good, isn’t she? And I’ve always liked those bookshelves.

Meanwhile, “Tess” and “Claudia” were practising their gymnastics before the show…

27 Sep Imogen 01

So… where were we? Tess’s marvellous red skirt and Claudia’s black glittery number. Claudia first, which was of course a pair of tights, following which we broke every house rule and brought fabric glue AND GLITTER into the front room to make the top. Mr DLikeT has gone to the pub so we decided we might as well.

Here’s Claude…

27 Sep Imogen 02

And here she is with Claudia off the telly

27 Sep Imogen 03


Meanwhile, we all had a go at a Tess. Here’s nearly-seven-year-old’s… great vest

27 Sep Imogen 06

We all used some old leggings for our skirts, and I used leggings up top too, while firstborn has used tights and a bit of leather stuff that fell off the washing basket.

Here’s my Tess:

27 Sep Imogen 04

with Tess

27 Sep Imogen 05

Hooray for red skirts… More colours please, Tess. We all have so much more fun.

Anyone else playing? Visit http://www.facebook.com/dressliketess or email me at moggy@moggyandleesy.com



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