28 Sep encore du Tess

There are no time limits here in the world of Dress Like Tess. No GPS watch to tell us how long it took us to wrap loo roll around a Barbie or how many steps we took across the lounge as we did so.

And not everyone watches Strictly live… some people, believe it or not, actually GO OUT AND HAVE A LIFE on Saturday nights, take planes to exotic destinations or play a couple of gin-fuelled rounds of naked Scrabble.

So you don’t have to play “live” on a Saturday night; play on catch-up… pause the telly… take time with your Tess.

First up this muggy Sunday morning we have this from Becky in Hertfordshire, which arrived in the world of facebook late last night. We like Becky a lot; she’s got the measure of DLikeT.

27 Sep Becky 1

This morning, our facebook page (facebook.com/DressLikeTess) was enhanced by this beauty, dressed by an ever-so-nearly-seven-year-old who also happens to be a good friend of DLikeT. (In fact, we’ll let you into a secret: Mr Dress Like Tess is a bit tender this morning because he went out on the razz with nearly-seven-year-old’s dad last night.)

27 Sep Jo 1

We love the shiny belt.

So don’t feel you’ve missed out if you’re elsewhere on a Saturday night. Play whenever the mood takes you. We’ll be here. We don’t get out much.


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