04 October…

Evenin’ all

Well, here we are again, and absolutely loving Claudia’s frock. It looks a little bit like a pair of tights I used to love but that grew a ladder. Nearly-seven-year-old and I both thought this and in fact started fighting over the tights. We began a joint effort but then she went back to honing her impression of Gregg Wallace. Seriously, her Gregg-like “dancing” is spot on; this week she’s made a Gregghead too.

04 Oct Imogen Gregg Wallace

Any road, heeeere’s Claudia…

04 Oct Imogen Claudia 1

And here’s a far-too-blurry shot of Ms Winkleperson and her televised self

04 Oct Imogen Claudia 2

Fortunately, Granny is staying with us tonight so she has been tasked with recreating Tess’s cut-out top and full-length white skirt. Or it could be a dress. I can hear the sound of sellotape being ripped from its roll.

So… who’s playing? Email me at moggy@moggyandleesy.com (I’m here till just before 8pm) or pop to facebook.com/dressliketess




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