06 October Monday morning Tess


Much as we’d like to suggest that here at Dress Like Tess we exist in a bubble of glitter and sequins, appearing in a gin-soaked haze on Saturday evenings to play with our dolls, in fact the truth is sadly far more mundane. It’s Monday morning, no one is dressed yet, the school run looms in 45 minutes and we’re watching last night’s results show. Well, I say “we’re watching”, but actually two of us watching telly, stuffing faces with toast and cheering for Steve Backshall, Mr DLikeT is at his desk already and I am running around trying to find clothes for dolls, clothes for kids, clothes for the washing machine, toast, more toast, cereal, cups of tea, and milk “in a special glass”. Oh, and “Let it Go”… Strictly, you know your audience… although the kids were singing the alternative fart lyrics.

Anyway, last night the fabulous Amanda, DLikeT co-editor, was playing “live”, and put these beauties up on http://www.facebook.com/DresslikeTess

05 Oct Amanda Claudia 1 05 Oct Amanda Tess 1


We were a bit stumped by Tess’s frock, to be honest. Lovely brocade-y, lacy fabric, but what to do? Struck by a lightning bolt of inspiration, I dashed upstairs and raided my underwear drawer. Plain, sensible, boring… Am I really the only woman in Britain who doesn’t own anything black and lacy in the bra and pants department? Eventually I found a suspender belt that I used to like to wear when I was in my twenties and thought stockings were awesome. Maybe because I didn’t have kids who would pick at the stocking tops, “stroke” my legs and produce more ladders than B&Q. So I haven’t cut up the sussy belt — maybe one day I’ll be seized with a desire to wear stockings to Lidl. It’s kinda “artfully draped” around Tess’s dress from Saturday night. Claudia was easier to get my head around: the small strings of tinsel that Woolies used to call “lametta icicles” when I was a kid and what we now call simply “mess”.

05 Oct Imogen Tess 1 05 Oct Imogen Claudia 1


Did anyone else play this weekend? Remember, in the world of Dress Like Tess, there are no clocks… No deadlines. Watch on catch-up and send us your Tesses at http://www.facebook.com/DressLikeTess


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