We’re just one big happy fam-er-leeee

Good afternoon

It’s Monday, it’s chucking it down with rain (we’re talking seriously soaked thighs… stop sniggering) and the sparkle and glitter of Dress Like Tess seem miles away.

Thing is, I have a confession to make. I wasn’t actually here this weekend. Mr Dress Like Tess and I were offered a flat in Paris and it wasn’t exactly a tough decision to say yes (or oui, if you prefer). But we’re a family here at DLikeT, so the marvellous Amanda steered the ship over this weekend’s shows, simultaneously running the facebook page (www.facebook.com/DressLikeTess) and also inventing a whole new concept: Claudia the Exploria. (I’d like to thank Simone, who among other things reads books for a living, for that.)

So what happened? Is it worth YouTubing Steve Backshall’s Jungle Book extravaganza? Is Andy Murray’s mum still in it?

And is it weird not to have felt pangs of missing Strictly while I was away? Normally we’re glued to every episode and can’t even miss It Takes Two but this year… well, for some reason this house hasn’t got into the Strictly zone quite yet. Perhaps next week’s episode will mark a turning point. Or a heel lead.

See you on Saturday


One thought on “We’re just one big happy fam-er-leeee

  1. Watch the clips on the BBC website – I missed Saturday but was given a guided catch up on Sunday am by daughter! Do watch Frankie, Sunetra, Thom, (Pixie – even though not mad on her) – Scott’s is probably worth a miss…

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