18 October a houseful

Good evening world of Dress Like Tess


You join us around the dining table as me and my four-year-old chum Beatrice make Tesses. We’ve had a superchilled afternoon involving pyjamas before teatime and reconfiguring our “vintage” (ie 1990s) sofa into a giant bed. We are full of pizza and Viennetta. Other synthetic ice-cream cakes are available… or are they? Probably not, thinking about it. It’s not 1986. Although Claudia’s dress suggests otherwise. Let’s see what my nearly-seven-year-old came up with for Claudia tonight: tights and pen, tights and pen. Classic DLikeT.

18 October Imogen Claudia 01

Real-life Claudia looks as if she may be whistling her approval. Possibly.

Meanwhile, Tess herself has gone “back to black”. With a wee bit of white. Here’s my tights-and-cartridge-paper attempt at the frock.

18 October Tess 01

Hmmm. Think TV’s Tess is a little perturbed by the slightly thunderstormesque approach to the neck embellishment.

And here are Tess and Claudia among the wreckage of some Viennetta.


18 October Imogen Tess and Claudia 1


While all this has been going on, my four-year-old friend has been concentrating proper hard on her Tess. Tights and sellotape are her friends, and heeeeerrreeee’s Tess

18 October Bea's Tess

Oh yes.

So is anyone else playing this week? Head to http://www.facebook.com/DressLikeTess or email me at moggy@moggyandleesy.com




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