18 October bring it on!

Oh my giddy aunt. We are liderally waist-deep in Tesses. Over on http://www.facebook.com/DressLikeTess it’s gone crazy.

First, let’s head to West Yorkshire, where long-time DLikeT contributor Rosie appears to be at a party. Lucky girl.

Here’s her Claudia, and it’s nice to see Hello Kitty making her first (is it?) appearance of the season

18 October Rosie's Claudia

But there’s more to this crew than a cat in a frock. Oh yes.

Here’s Darcy

18 October Alice's Darcy

And Tess

18 October Amelia's Tess

And now a group shot

18 October Rosie group

Meanwhile, down in glamorous Bristol, first-time-DressLikeTess-er Daphne Thistlethwaite-Smythe (we attract a high-class punter here at DLikeT) has produced this exotic feathery Tess

18 October Daphne TS Tess

While in North London, here’s a Tess from Sally. Sally, as you may remember, is a hotshot legal type when she’s not covering dolls in toilet tissue.

18 October Sal Tess

Nice neckline, Sal.

Is anyone else playing? We’re unshockingly distracted by that glimpse of Backshall torso.


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