19 October here come the Tesses

Wow — I was furiously chucking sequins at Wilko Barbies and http://www.facebook.com/dressliketess was alive!

First, let’s head to West Yorkshire, where we have a new player. Hello Kathryn Rhodes! Great Tess. Also loving the way your screenshot has actual Tess’s hand on your Tess’s head. Ish.

19 Oct Kathryn Rhodes Tess 1


Staying in the county of tea and G Boycott, let’s see what regular DLikeT-er Rosie’s up to. And it’s a big Hello Kitty to Hello Kitty, once again playing the part of Claudia Winkleperson

19 Oct Rosie Claudia


Meanwhile, Polly Pocket has returned to DLikeT (hooray), and here she is as Tess

19 Oct Rosie Tess

And finally let’s head to north London, where regular Dress Like Tess contributor Sally has dressed her Tess in kitchen roll and black pen. And if that isn’t the very essence of Dress Like Tess, we don’t know what is. While I was arseing about with felt and sellotape, Sal went back to DLikeT basics. Dress Like Tess as it should be. One doll, random household items. Nice work.

19 Oct Sal Tess





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