19 October results show

Hello again

Mr DressLikeTess has taken it upon himself to read bedtime stories to the smaller members of the household so it’s just me, in front of the box, de-sellotaping dolls. I might save those bits of black tights. I think we all know we’ll be using them again.

Any road, some choreographed fun with blue glitter and sequins has just occurred. Here come the slebs, and heeeere’s Tess, wearing… white with a square ncekline, and Claude in something delicious in the blue-sequins zone. Oh, now this is tricky. I could refashion the dress nearly 7-y-o made last night, and I happen to know there’s a treacle tin full of blue sequins in what I laughably call the craft cupboard, but is there time to glue them on?

No, of course there isn’t. I’ve spent the last two minutes trying to find the end of the sellotape.

Judy and Anton? Through to next week? You’re having a giraffe. Mark and Karen in the dance-off? Good grief.

And is Lady Gaga channeling Cleo Laine? Why?

Anyway, Tess seems a bit perturbed here. Perhaps it’s because her sleeve is falling off.

19 October Imogen Tess

And I have actually just thrown sequins at Claudia.

19 October Imogen Claudia

Thankfully, there is hope! The Hertfordshire half of the DLikeT team has come to the rescue with Gaudier than Claudia. Claudia the Exploria. Aces. Nice work, Amanda.

19 Oct Amanda Claudia 1

That ribbon is brilliant. Have you been spying at Elstree?

Oh, hang on. My email is pinging again. It’s Amanda’s Tess!

19 Oct Amanda Tess

Shout outs indeed! You’re a ruddy genius.

And the dance-off rages as I type. I suspect the judges *might* not have judged solely on the dance-off…



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