19 October Tess is More


We may have turned off the laptop and joined the kids on the sofa but the Tesses kept on coming.

On http://www.facebook.com/dressliketess, we had this rather fab number from Katie Bulmer.

18 October facebook Tess Kate Bulmer

This is superb. Hair artfully draped across face? Check. Big expressive eyes? Check. Tess in spoon form. Oh my.

Now then, we’re sure  at least three of you have been wondering where the Hertfordshire half of DLikeT has been this week. Well, they’ve been on tour on the south coast but still managed to send these from a hotel room in Dorset.

18 October Amanda 02 18 October Amanda 01

I know… a hotel room? HOW resourceful? We’d have been stuffing our handbags with sample-size shower gels but team Tess created this fab number.

Well, my clock says it’s 7.16. I believe Strictly is on in four minutes…


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