25 October a houseful of lovely


We’re actually at a Dress Like Tess party tonight! In front of the telly, seven girls aged between two and 10 are watching Strictly. The DLikeT co-editors are at the table, frantically cutting up tights and old leggings and shouting stuff like: “anyone want some sheer tights for Tess’s top?”

Tess is in orange woohoo! Claudia is in something like purple. Chocolates have been consumed and wrappers have been reused.

Now then, let me explain a bit about tonight’s players. As well as me and Amanda, three other grown-up wimmin are here: Harry, Rosie and Char. We’ve all known each other since the early 1990s and frankly there’s a lot of love in this room.

Regular readers (really? are there?) will know Rosie from Farsley. She’s here! Here’s her Quality Street Tess.

25 Oct Rosie Tess 1


Here’s mine… made from leggings and tights.

25 Oct Imogen Tess 1

We are all yelling things like “have you got any loom bands?” “Has Claudia been on yet?” and our youngest player (aged just two) is hopefully standing right in front of the telly holding dolls.

Harry, who hasn’t played before, is really quite excited about making a Claudia. Meanwhile, here’s a Tess from Char. Oh yes we love the hair

25 Oct Char Tess 1

And finally… here’s DLikeT co-ed Amanda’s Tiny Tess. Love love love

25 Oct Amanda Tess 1

Steve Backshall hasn’t been on yet, but the general consensus is that when he is, small people will be bulldozed out the way so we can ogle the muscles  In fact, what’s happened is that the grown-ups are playing and now the older kids have actually left the room to go and make up a dance routine.

At the table, we are waist-deep in “Claudia”s. “It’s like some sort of elf workshop,” says Amanda . One of my mothersinlaw (stand back, you’ll all want two) sent me some purple fabric for Dress Like Tess purposes. Woohoo. And having just stuck glitter glue rather hopelessly on some purple fabric, it turns out someone else brought ACTUAL STICK ON JEWELS! Goodness.

Right. Let’s head to http://www.facebook.com/dressliketess and see what’s going on over there.



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