26 October **warning — contains a man in a duster**


As our Strictly party descended (ascended?) into several gallons of discount prosecco, a kids’ dance routine so literal Pan’s People would have been proud and the surprise appearance of a tall bloke into our “House of a Dozen Females”, over on http://www.facebook.com/dressliketess, creativity ruled.

First up. though, let’s lift the lid on Dress Like Tess. Let’s stuff our hands into the sequin jar and see what’s inside. Here is some actual Tess-ery. The kids make ’em all, honest.

25 Oct elf workshop

So here’s a Claudia from a first-time Dress Like Tess-er, Harriet (that’s her on the right). Ooooooh would you look at the detail on the sleeves. From the back corner of Amanda’s dining table I couldn’t even see the sleeves…

25 Oct Harry Claudia 1 25 Oct Harry Claudia 1

On the other side of the table, Char gave us this:

25 Oct Char Claudia 1

My Claudia passed out…

25 Oct Imogen Claudia 1

And as usual Exploria herself looked Gaudier than Claudia

25 Oct Amanda Claudia 1

But let’s return to facebook, where regular player Sal in North London came up with this cracking Tess made from an old shirt

25 Oct Sal Tess 1

Nice work, Sal.

Up in Yorkshire, first-time Tess-er Kate Harrison did this:

25 Oct Kate Harrison Tess 1

Fab-you-luss. And in Norwich, Jim (and allegedly his daughter too but we’re thinking mainly Jim), made this:

25 Oct Partons Tess 1


And then we said hello to another new Dress Like Tess player, Rebecca Griffith, who did this:

25 Oct Rebecca Griffith Tess 1

That’s one happy Tess.

But then, with a screeching of brakes, all Tess-ery came to a halt as this landed on our page. Brace yourselves — this might just be the best Dress Like Tess we’ve ever had. And yet in some ways perhaps the worst.

25 Oct Garry Tess 1

We have questions… ranging from “whose dress is that?” to “oh my giddy aunt… why?” but we’re going to keep those to ourselves.

But in pioneering the SelfTess, this man (we’ll call him Mr H) started a trend. Back on facebook, and back in Yorkshire, Kate Harrison and Kathyrn Rhodes told us that they didn’t like to be outdone by “a very attractive yet dusty man” (their words, readers, their words)… and they sent in these:

25 Oct Kathryn Rhodes Tess 1 25 Oct Kate Harrison Tess 2

Genius. It’s girls as Tess… If Ms Daly herself isn’t marketing a range of eveningwear for the under-12s by Christmas she’s missing a trick.

Anyway, back at the house of Tess, the kids got up at 5.30am (really), and we’ve already driven back to the DLikeT nerve centre and are wondering whether this cup of tea will sort us out or whether gin and tonic would be more useful.

Strictly’s back on tonight, and we’re mildly overexcited about what we might receive.





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