29 October belated Tess round-up


It’s half-term, Scooby Doo is on my telly, Asda-own-brand Weetabix is all over my sofa and I am sidestepping the work I should be doing and writing this instead.

First, did anyone see It Takes Two last night? Was Caroline Flack wearing Claudia’s black-and-white dress from Sunday night’s programme? It looked like it — perhaps she’d tried to make her own at home with tights and kitchen roll, like we did, then decided it was easier to borrow the actual frock.

Anyway, a few more Sunday Tesses found their way into both my inbox and http://www.facebook.com/dressliketess. First up, here’s Char from Hertfordshire. Love the sequin detail

26 Oct Char Tess 1

And here’s DLikeT co-editor Amanda’s Tess, proving that glitter glue will always cover a camel toe. Something I think we could all learn there, ladies. From now on I’m getting my eveningwear in Hobbycraft.

26 Oct Amanda Tess 2 26 Oct Amanda Tess 1

Finally, possibly my all-time favourite “reaction shot” from Ms Daly herself. It’s Rosie’s Tess, and she’s just had an argument with a cotton-wool ball.

26 Oct Rosie Tess 1

Halloween weekend coming up… so if you’ve accidentally laddered any black tights** this week, save ’em for the inevitable black frocks.

see you Saturday

**More than 20 years ago, I lived and worked in the USA for a few months. I remember one of my office co-workers finding the phrase “I have a ladder in my tights” (rather than a run in my panty hose) properly hysterically funny. Every time I snag my legwear I am reminded of this



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