23 November: last night’s Strictly and “snacks of the world”


Once again we found ourselves missing the Saturday portion of Strictly… fortunately, the Dress Like Tess Hertfordshire office steered the ship admirably, as ever.

Any road, it’s been chucking it down relentlessly all day. We’ve reconfigured the sofa into a big square bed, we have a kingsize duvet in play and crisp-based snacks from around the globe. Last night’s Strictly is on the box and littl’un was v excited by Tess’s frock. “Kitchen roll!” she cried. “And a black pen. I need a black pen.”

And here’s littl’un’s Tess. On which she has in fact drawn breasts.

22 Nov Imogen Tess 1

We liked Darcey’s outfit, especially the earrings. We were wondering about a “Classy like Darcey” spinoff, but this quickly became “Brassy like Darcey” and inevitably “Arsey like Darcey”. And as soon as Len introduced his first 10 with “From Len… a ten!” we thought perhaps Mr Tonioli should swap his bat for an item of cutlery and yell “From Bruno… a spoon-o”.

Anyway, back to http://www.facebook.com/DresslikeTess, where marvs Ms Amanda did this

22 Nov Amanda Tess 1

Clock those accessories…

And regular player Sally in North London has turned to the trusty kitchen roll (and tinfoil for Tess’s cuff), although she admits this week’s frock was “too easy”.

It was fab to see Claudia back again, although my gosh she looked skinny in that sparkly trouser suit. Littl’un was convinced it was “a jogging suit, mum”. Hoping for some bright colours in the results show… we may be back later


17 November Monday morning


So we watched last night’s results this morning before school because yesterday’s Sunday lunch with friends led to a post-bedtime evening out, featuring Connect 4, a play about prisons (it’s amazing how the under-sevens write comedy-drama) and general wine consumption.

Fortunately a small corner of Hertfordshire was playing along live last night. Here’s DLikeT co-editor Amanda, marking her weekend away by placing Tess in the travel section of her bookshelf. Oh yes.

16 Nov Amanda Tess 1

So, Tess in blue, Zoe in glittery black (which was lovely but really the idea of more glitter glue and old tights was too much) and Judy in a swing on the ceiling.

Here’s regular player Charlotte’s Tess. Look at that detail! She used old socks, the very atoms of the Dress Like Tess world.

16 Nov Char Tess 1

We did a Tess, too… Granny’s bag of DLikeT fabric included some blue that was almost spot on

16 Nov Imogen Tess 1

Mind you, we did put a skirt under the dress because our initial estimate of how long our frock would be was a wee bit inaccurate.

Mr Dress Like Tess isn’t happy with this series of Strictly. He feels they should have changed the format or at least upgraded the celebrities. I think it’s time they made the cringemaking “behind the scenes” films much shorter, or just talked about training rather than indulging in ridiculous dodgily scripted “comedy”. Let’s see more of yer actual dancing…



15 November Blackpoooooooollllll!

Good morning

It’s Sunday morning here at the East Anglian Dress Like Tess office. We missed last night’s show as one of the kids was in a swimming gala and I was live-tweeting the whole affair. Meanwhile, our Hertfordshire office was off partying (shocking but true). Right now it’s catch-up-telly time and Strictly is in Blackpool — and more to the point Tess is wearing a colour other than black. Woohoo.

Tess and Zoe really are a fab pair of presenters; the show is so relaxed and confident with these two at the helm.

Anyway, let’s start with a look at http://www.facebook.com/dressliketess. Regular player Charlotte from Hertfordshire brought us this Tess, made by her houseguest Amelia.

15 Nov Char Tess 1

And then she told us a bit more about how they’d made the Tess… the top detailing came from Charlotte’s stepson’s pants. Now we happen to know that said stepson left home many years ago. Does this fact make this dress “vintage”?

15 Noc Char Tess 2

Zoe did look fab but a black dress no longer inspires excitement here at Dress Like Tess. So Charlotte’s daughter made this marvs Kristina, because she was fascinated by a costume “apparently made from just a few triangles of purple fabric”.

15 Nov Char Kristina


That’s fab.

We had a go at a Tess just now

15 Nov Imogen Tess 2 15 Nov Imogen Tess 1

But sorry Zoe, we weren’t inspired (we prefer the sequins’n’jeans’heels wardrobe she rocks on ITT), so we made Iveta from the delicious opening sequence instead

15 Nov Imogen Iveta 1

OK so a full English has just been placed in front of me. So I’ll be troughing that. I’ve been hill-sprint-training this morning and frankly it was hopeless. I ran like a Weeble.

Fingers crossed for some inspiring Tess-ery in tonight’s results show.



15 November 2014

Morning all you Tessy Dressy types…

Not sure how DLikeT is going to play tonight; here at the East Anglian office we don’t expect to be back from [a sporting event] until after Strictly has begun. Meanwhile, the Hertfordshire office is off out on the actual razz… blimey. Anarch0-DLikeT. Or perhaps silence. Heigh ho.

So if you’re playing tonight, get over to http://www.facebook.com/dressliketess and show us yer Tesses and yer Showy Zoes.

Now then, we got a little bonus Tess-age last night, with a “two frocker” experience on Children in Need, featuring studio Tess in shiny purple and jewels, and pre-recorded Tess in a long black glittery number. (Honestly, we stopped watching CiN as soon as the kids had gone to bed but hey, we got double Dress Like Tess… every cloud…)

CIN Tess 2 CIN Tess 1 Imogen

So… facebook later?

09 Nov the weekend’s Tess-ery

Evenin’ all

Results show is on in a minute. While we’re waiting, let’s look back at last night’s Strictly. Tess and Zoe again — and both in blue. Loved loved loved Zoe’s dress. I’m reasonably convinced that not only did she already wear it on It Takes Two but that I once got a reply from Zoe to a tweet asking where it was from saying I could borrow it. I suspect she thought the tweet was from someone she actually knew.

Anyway, it was party time in our house last night. There were cocktails, the silver curtains came out again and I managed six changes of dress. But while I was drinking a rainbow of randomness, Tess-ing occurred. The sequins were replicated beautifully by DLikeT editor Amanda (waste not, want not… didn’t Exploria wear this frock a week or so ago :-)?)

08 Nov Amanda Zoe 1


And for those of you keeping an eye on Amanda’s bookshelf, I see Zoe is among the penguins. I blame that John Lewis ad.

Round the corner from DLikeT HQ, Charlotte also gave us this fab Zoe.

08 Nov Char Zoe 1

But DLikeT-ers really pulled out the stops in their interpretation of Tess’s dress.

This aces version from Amanda:

08 Nov Amanda Tess 1

And this superb frock from Sal in North London, who used surgical tape to re-create the flesh tones. Brilliant.

08 Nov Sal Tess 1

Well done Sal.

So… tonight. They’re both in black. Yeah, they look great, but another black dress..? Might look at Steve’s muscles again instead.



05 November

Morning world of DLikeT

You know we’re all about the frivolity here at Dress Like Tess, but we also love dressing up and many of us who play the game have small children. Our thoughts go out to Strictly host Claudia Winkleman, whose daughter suffered hospital-worthy burns following an alleged accident involving a Halloween costume catching light.


02 Nov last night’s Halloween spesh

Morning DLikeT world

Was absent from last night’s Strictly… the living room became a “nightclub” with tinsel curtains and glitterballs, and 20+ kids danced like loons as eldest celebrated her seventh birthday. This morning I’m investigating the cost of carpet cleaners (and kinda hoping my landlady doesn’t read this blog) and we’re catching up on Strictly while eldest opens a pile of presents and we consume a pile of toast.

Tess and Zoe! Lovely. Although both in black, and this of course means no “Exploria” …

Any road, there was plenty of creativity going on at http://www.facebook.com/dressliketess. Remember Ms Daphne Thistlethwaite-Smythe, who started Tess-ing a couple of weeks ago (and we mistakenly said lived in Bristol… she doesn’t)? Her Tess started preparing for the show well in advance of transmission

01 Nov Daphne Tess 1

She’s standing on the haberdashery cupboard, you know.

So… Tess and Zoe both in black, although regular Dress Like Tess-er Sal in North London interpreted Tess’s frock in green felt, as she wasn’t prepared to sacrifice her fishnets for the shoulders

01 Nov Sal Tess 1

Ooh… Daphne’s Tess is ready — with spooky lighting and everything. Loving Ms Daly’s face too

01 Nov Daphne Tess 2

Meanwhile, back at the DLikeT nerve centre in Hertfordshire, DLikeT editor Amanda gave us this Tess… and also answered the question of where my youngest daughter had left her favourite Barbie

01 Nov Amanda Tess 1

And this rather fab Zoe… with approx a gallon of glitter glue.

01 Nov Amanda Zoe 2 01 Nov Amanda Zoe 1

Well, my cup of tea contains healing powers, my living room contains a pile of wrapping paper and it’s time to watch Strictly. Will attempt to play along properly tonight…