02 Nov last night’s Halloween spesh

Morning DLikeT world

Was absent from last night’s Strictly… the living room became a “nightclub” with tinsel curtains and glitterballs, and 20+ kids danced like loons as eldest celebrated her seventh birthday. This morning I’m investigating the cost of carpet cleaners (and kinda hoping my landlady doesn’t read this blog) and we’re catching up on Strictly while eldest opens a pile of presents and we consume a pile of toast.

Tess and Zoe! Lovely. Although both in black, and this of course means no “Exploria” …

Any road, there was plenty of creativity going on at http://www.facebook.com/dressliketess. Remember Ms Daphne Thistlethwaite-Smythe, who started Tess-ing a couple of weeks ago (and we mistakenly said lived in Bristol… she doesn’t)? Her Tess started preparing for the show well in advance of transmission

01 Nov Daphne Tess 1

She’s standing on the haberdashery cupboard, you know.

So… Tess and Zoe both in black, although regular Dress Like Tess-er Sal in North London interpreted Tess’s frock in green felt, as she wasn’t prepared to sacrifice her fishnets for the shoulders

01 Nov Sal Tess 1

Ooh… Daphne’s Tess is ready — with spooky lighting and everything. Loving Ms Daly’s face too

01 Nov Daphne Tess 2

Meanwhile, back at the DLikeT nerve centre in Hertfordshire, DLikeT editor Amanda gave us this Tess… and also answered the question of where my youngest daughter had left her favourite Barbie

01 Nov Amanda Tess 1

And this rather fab Zoe… with approx a gallon of glitter glue.

01 Nov Amanda Zoe 2 01 Nov Amanda Zoe 1

Well, my cup of tea contains healing powers, my living room contains a pile of wrapping paper and it’s time to watch Strictly. Will attempt to play along properly tonight…




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