09 Nov the weekend’s Tess-ery

Evenin’ all

Results show is on in a minute. While we’re waiting, let’s look back at last night’s Strictly. Tess and Zoe again — and both in blue. Loved loved loved Zoe’s dress. I’m reasonably convinced that not only did she already wear it on It Takes Two but that I once got a reply from Zoe to a tweet asking where it was from saying I could borrow it. I suspect she thought the tweet was from someone she actually knew.

Anyway, it was party time in our house last night. There were cocktails, the silver curtains came out again and I managed six changes of dress. But while I was drinking a rainbow of randomness, Tess-ing occurred. The sequins were replicated beautifully by DLikeT editor Amanda (waste not, want not… didn’t Exploria wear this frock a week or so ago :-)?)

08 Nov Amanda Zoe 1


And for those of you keeping an eye on Amanda’s bookshelf, I see Zoe is among the penguins. I blame that John Lewis ad.

Round the corner from DLikeT HQ, Charlotte also gave us this fab Zoe.

08 Nov Char Zoe 1

But DLikeT-ers really pulled out the stops in their interpretation of Tess’s dress.

This aces version from Amanda:

08 Nov Amanda Tess 1

And this superb frock from Sal in North London, who used surgical tape to re-create the flesh tones. Brilliant.

08 Nov Sal Tess 1

Well done Sal.

So… tonight. They’re both in black. Yeah, they look great, but another black dress..? Might look at Steve’s muscles again instead.




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