15 November 2014

Morning all you Tessy Dressy types…

Not sure how DLikeT is going to play tonight; here at the East Anglian office we don’t expect to be back from [a sporting event] until after Strictly has begun. Meanwhile, the Hertfordshire office is off out on the actual razz… blimey. Anarch0-DLikeT. Or perhaps silence. Heigh ho.

So if you’re playing tonight, get over to http://www.facebook.com/dressliketess and show us yer Tesses and yer Showy Zoes.

Now then, we got a little bonus Tess-age last night, with a “two frocker” experience on Children in Need, featuring studio Tess in shiny purple and jewels, and pre-recorded Tess in a long black glittery number. (Honestly, we stopped watching CiN as soon as the kids had gone to bed but hey, we got double Dress Like Tess… every cloud…)

CIN Tess 2 CIN Tess 1 Imogen

So… facebook later?


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