15 November Blackpoooooooollllll!

Good morning

It’s Sunday morning here at the East Anglian Dress Like Tess office. We missed last night’s show as one of the kids was in a swimming gala and I was live-tweeting the whole affair. Meanwhile, our Hertfordshire office was off partying (shocking but true). Right now it’s catch-up-telly time and Strictly is in Blackpool — and more to the point Tess is wearing a colour other than black. Woohoo.

Tess and Zoe really are a fab pair of presenters; the show is so relaxed and confident with these two at the helm.

Anyway, let’s start with a look at http://www.facebook.com/dressliketess. Regular player Charlotte from Hertfordshire brought us this Tess, made by her houseguest Amelia.

15 Nov Char Tess 1

And then she told us a bit more about how they’d made the Tess… the top detailing came from Charlotte’s stepson’s pants. Now we happen to know that said stepson left home many years ago. Does this fact make this dress “vintage”?

15 Noc Char Tess 2

Zoe did look fab but a black dress no longer inspires excitement here at Dress Like Tess. So Charlotte’s daughter made this marvs Kristina, because she was fascinated by a costume “apparently made from just a few triangles of purple fabric”.

15 Nov Char Kristina


That’s fab.

We had a go at a Tess just now

15 Nov Imogen Tess 2 15 Nov Imogen Tess 1

But sorry Zoe, we weren’t inspired (we prefer the sequins’n’jeans’heels wardrobe she rocks on ITT), so we made Iveta from the delicious opening sequence instead

15 Nov Imogen Iveta 1

OK so a full English has just been placed in front of me. So I’ll be troughing that. I’ve been hill-sprint-training this morning and frankly it was hopeless. I ran like a Weeble.

Fingers crossed for some inspiring Tess-ery in tonight’s results show.




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