17 November Monday morning


So we watched last night’s results this morning before school because yesterday’s Sunday lunch with friends led to a post-bedtime evening out, featuring Connect 4, a play about prisons (it’s amazing how the under-sevens write comedy-drama) and general wine consumption.

Fortunately a small corner of Hertfordshire was playing along live last night. Here’s DLikeT co-editor Amanda, marking her weekend away by placing Tess in the travel section of her bookshelf. Oh yes.

16 Nov Amanda Tess 1

So, Tess in blue, Zoe in glittery black (which was lovely but really the idea of more glitter glue and old tights was too much) and Judy in a swing on the ceiling.

Here’s regular player Charlotte’s Tess. Look at that detail! She used old socks, the very atoms of the Dress Like Tess world.

16 Nov Char Tess 1

We did a Tess, too… Granny’s bag of DLikeT fabric included some blue that was almost spot on

16 Nov Imogen Tess 1

Mind you, we did put a skirt under the dress because our initial estimate of how long our frock would be was a wee bit inaccurate.

Mr Dress Like Tess isn’t happy with this series of Strictly. He feels they should have changed the format or at least upgraded the celebrities. I think it’s time they made the cringemaking “behind the scenes” films much shorter, or just talked about training rather than indulging in ridiculous dodgily scripted “comedy”. Let’s see more of yer actual dancing…




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