23 November: last night’s Strictly and “snacks of the world”


Once again we found ourselves missing the Saturday portion of Strictly… fortunately, the Dress Like Tess Hertfordshire office steered the ship admirably, as ever.

Any road, it’s been chucking it down relentlessly all day. We’ve reconfigured the sofa into a big square bed, we have a kingsize duvet in play and crisp-based snacks from around the globe. Last night’s Strictly is on the box and littl’un was v excited by Tess’s frock. “Kitchen roll!” she cried. “And a black pen. I need a black pen.”

And here’s littl’un’s Tess. On which she has in fact drawn breasts.

22 Nov Imogen Tess 1

We liked Darcey’s outfit, especially the earrings. We were wondering about a “Classy like Darcey” spinoff, but this quickly became “Brassy like Darcey” and inevitably “Arsey like Darcey”. And as soon as Len introduced his first 10 with “From Len… a ten!” we thought perhaps Mr Tonioli should swap his bat for an item of cutlery and yell “From Bruno… a spoon-o”.

Anyway, back to http://www.facebook.com/DresslikeTess, where marvs Ms Amanda did this

22 Nov Amanda Tess 1

Clock those accessories…

And regular player Sally in North London has turned to the trusty kitchen roll (and tinfoil for Tess’s cuff), although she admits this week’s frock was “too easy”.

It was fab to see Claudia back again, although my gosh she looked skinny in that sparkly trouser suit. Littl’un was convinced it was “a jogging suit, mum”. Hoping for some bright colours in the results show… we may be back later


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