03 sep red carpet show

Strictly Strictly Strictly!

It’s only flipping BACK. This Saturday sees the launch show, which we imagine will last for hours but could actually only last 10 minutes because all that will really happen is the announcement of the partnerships. But anyway, we found the “red carpet special” on iPlayer and dressed our first Tess of the season.

So if you’ve never played Dress Like Tess before (and if not, where the ruddy flip have you BEEN?) here’s what to do.

  1. watch Strictly
  2. see what Tess Daly is wearing
  3. recreate said frock on a barbie/monster high doll/wooden spoon/action man/hello kitty
  4. send a pic to
  5. decide Tess’s frock is a bit dull and make a Claudia instead

So… what do you need? Well, not a lot. Foil and old tights will be your best friend. Kitchen roll and glitter glue your best buds. Sellotape… well, without sello there would be no DLikeT.

Anyway, what did we think of the red carpet spesh? Not a lot, to be honest. The slebs are the usual B/C-list and the kids shouted “out in week one” when J Vine appeared on screen. We did get a chance to make a Tess. In black, although her red carpet dress was a rather exciting blue but we didn’t see a great deal of it.

Play along on Saturday! Send in your pics! Dress Like Tess! Gaudier than Claudia! Will we beat last year’s peak of a man in a frock with a duster on his head being Tess? Will the Dora the Explorer doll re-live her weekly role as Claudia?

We can’t wait.

Imogen, DLikeT co-editor


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