10 and 11 October 2015… red and black

Evening, crazy world of Dress like Tess

First, enormo-apologies for failing to write a blog about DlikeT last week. This crazy thing called *work* appeared and as there’s never quite enough pennies here at East Anglian DlikeT HQ to keep us in gin, it seemed a good idea to do all the paid jobs we were given. All four of them.

But we couldn’t let last weekend pass without mentioning this post on ACTUAL TESS DALY’S ACTUAL INSTAGRAM.

03 Oct Tess Daly's Instagram

She knows the score. Go Tess. Perhaps give us some clues about your frock via social media…

And there’s also definitely room here to talk about this fantastic pair of last Saturday’s Tesses from friend of DlikeT Mattie and his mum Jenny. Now, Mattie’s sister has lots and lots of Tess-shaped dolls. Seriously, cupboardsful. But would she let her brother and her mum playalongaDresslikeTess with them? No. So Mattie and Jenny improvised, giving us possibly two of the greatest Tesses we’ve seen since we began this caper. Dolls? Who needs ’em?

03 Oct Mattie and Jenny Tess 2 03 Oct Mattie and Jenny Tess 1

It’s all about the kitchen roll and the dinosaurs. Steven Spielberg’s front room in 1993 was probably just the same.

So. Back to this weekend… Strictly did the whole “movies” thing; they made the bloke from the Wanted wear a wig with a ponytail even though he’d had his own tail sliced off the previous week and Ainsley Harriott was made to dress as a penguin. Perhaps he parked in a space reserved for BBC execs last week and this was the price he had to pay.

Talking of Mr Harriott, here he is, with Claudia (and here’s Tess too, for good measure). We have our long-time friend Becca in south-east London to thank for this. Becca pretty much owns the whole “playmobil as Tess” franchise, now we come to think of it.

10 Oct Becca Claudia 1 10 Oct Becca Tess 1

So… who played along on Saturday night? Well first let’s say hello to our first Cornish Tess and Claudia! “Hello our first Cornish Tess and Claudia!” Three brand new Dress like Tess-ers, Jasmine (12), India (10) and Seren (7) [Yes. BRAND NEW DlikeT-ers. Woohoo!] made this pair — we hope they’ll be playing along every Saturday.

10 Oct Kerry Leslie 2 10 Oct Kerry Leslie 1

Back among the familiar DlikeT massive, we had an instant classic from Sally in north London. Sal says this week’s Tess was “too easy”. Ka-pow! Take that, BBC Wardrobe Department.

10 Oct Sal Tess 1

Down in that Somerset, regular player Ellen gave us this Claudia:

10 Oct Char Claudia 1

Loving the spangles. The Norwich office sadly couldn’t match that detail, offering instead a purse. Literally a purse. And Tess’s trousers from last week, reconfigured. But only very slightly. Basically with more sellotape.

10 Oct Imogen Claudia 1

Thankfully, just round the corner from DlikeT’s East Anglian nerve centre, seven-year-old Imogen (and her mum Abi, the ACTUAL FASHION STYLIST… just sayin’) gave us this Claudia.

10 Oct Abi Tess 1

Shall we see some Tesses? Shall we? Ah, go on then. Tess’s red column dress proved ever so popular. First, here’s Anna and Rachel’s first ever DlikeT:

10 Oct Anna and Rachel Tess 1

Now then. Rachel tells us Tess very nearly suffered a wardrobe malfuction, saved (of course) by sellotape. Bravo sellotape.

To Oxfordshire! And don’t spare the horses! Daphne Thistlethwaite-Smythe, actually DlikeT’s most glamorous player, takes the prize for “first Tess of the weekend” with this:

10 Oct Daphne TS Tess 1

So what did DlikeT’s Norwich office come up with? A red sock.

10 Oct Imogen Tess 1

Thankfully, as ever, the Herts office was on hand to pick up the pieces, sew on the sequins and in short DO A BETTER JOB, even though we understand the Herts office was midway through the construction of some flatpack furniture at the time.

10 Oct Amanda Tess 2 10 Oct Amanda Tess 1

Marvellous work, DlikeT-ers. Marvellous work. Was anyone playing tonight? That is, Sunday…

Well, Hertfordshire was… and we’d like to announce the welcome return of possibly our favourite member of the DlikeT cast: Claudia the Exploria!

11 Oct Amanda Claudia 1

Gold lamé? Don’t mind if we do. Except we couldn’t, here in the east. The kids have some gold lamé tights, we’re sure, but they also had an early bedtime and the last thing we wanted to do was ferret around in drawers looking for bits of sparkly stuff. So we did this instead. See, we’re not totally devoid of gold excitement.

11 Oct Imogen Claudia 1

(Actually, what really happened was that we were annexed to the bedroom to watch Strictly so that Mr DlikeT could watch some old toot on Channel 5 and so we found ourselves rooting through the underwear drawer, realising “off white” wasn’t a close-enough approximation to Claudia’s sparkly fun and slightly mourning the loss of a Top Shop batwing jumper in spangly gold we bought in approx 2001… before remembering a rather spectacular birthday gift last year: sparkly heels! Oh yes. Can’t cut ’em up, though.)

Oh, we should probably mention Tess at this point. We saw her legs!

11 Oct Imogen Tess 1

Nice bit o’ hemline action there.

Right… is that it? Have we forgotten anyone? Is it time to curl up with a recording of You, Me and the Apocalypse and a tumbler of red while picking sellotape off the back of Barbies?

until next week




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