18 October 2015 a cup of restorative tea and Tess’s legs

Morning world of DlikeT

So last night the Norwich office was off celebrating a family birthday in a rather lovely hotel in north Norfolk (www.felbrigglodge.co.uk — no, they’re not sponsoring this post but we might as well mention them) but thankfully the Herts office took charge of http://www.facebook.com/dressliketess. Anyway, it’s Sunday lunchtime, Mr Dress like Tess has gone to the allotment to dig up all the spuds in case we get a frost this week and we’re catching up on Strictly and wondering how many cups of tea it’s going to take to rid our mouths of the metallic taste of hangover. So Mr DlikeT is out there in the rain with his spade and we’ve stuck the heating on. (We wouldn’t be surprised if Mr DlikeT has a plan to spend the rest of the day watching sport, though.)

So. Tess in lace and showing her leg. It’s a good dress, this — edgier than she’s been wearing in recent weeks and totally DresslikeTessable. Lace? A nation rushes to its pants drawer to see what it can cut up.

Shall we begin in Norwich? Why not. Here are Bea and Aeryn. They’re aged five and six and did three Tesses, complete with fabulous arm details. Bea’s mum tells us she wasn’t willing to sacrifice any of her knickers (a moral we can all live by, there) to make Tess’s frock.

17 Oct Bea and Aeryn

The Herts office had no such qualms — DlikeT co-editor Amanda’s pants were straight off (we think that’s what she said, anyway) to make another fabulous Tess. We especially like the fact that Tess is sandwiched between Simone de Beauvoir and Learning with Mother.

17 Oct Amanda Tess 1

Where shall we go next? How about north London, where regular player Sally (you remember Sally… she crusades for justice) enlisted the help of her six-year-old for this hand-coloured lace panel.

17 Oct Sal Tess 1

Hmmm… now where? There were so many fabulous Tesses on display this week. How about Yorkshire? Hello, Yorkshire. First up, here’s a Tess from eight-year-old Annabel, sent in by her mum. We love the extra gold bits. Telly Tess is obviously thrilled with this one as well.

17 Oct Kathryn Rhodes Tess

Up the road, regular player Rosie has once again raised the Dress like Tess bar. We don’t need dolls… we have LEGO! This is genius. Look at Tess’s leg!

17 Oct Rosie Tess 1

Oh you’re all so clever. Shall we pop down to Cornwall? Yes, let’s, for a Tess’n’Claude from Seren, Jasmine and India.

17 Oct Kerry Leslie Tess 1

Nice bit o’lace there.

[aside] In yer actual Strictly, we’ve reached Giovanni and her-off-Corrie’s Reach for the Stars excitement. We all love her spangly dress but his “angel wings” suit is distinctly odd. He looks like he’s just come off shift at Banham Poultry.

Ok… so who’s next? Shall we pop back to Norwich and say hello to our friend Jenny? Remember Jenny broke the mould a fortnight ago with her dino-Tess? Triceratess. Well, Jenny’s been allowed into the doll cupboard this week for a more traditional yet no less creative take on Tess and Claudia.

17 Oct Jenny Tess 1 17 Oct Jenny Claudia 1 17 Oct Jenny Tess and Claudia

Particularly loving the “keeeeeep dancing” pose.

Oh my goodness what is Jeremy Vine doing in that bath?

So there we are. Shall we reconvene at a quarter past seven tonight? Tess, if you’re reading, something bright pink would be nice as we’ve just put an old dress in the DlikeT box. (We know it’s already been recorded, honest. Still. Cerise. Have a think, Tess.)

laters potatoes (See how we took the start of the blog and brought it to the end? It’s like we drew a story arc and everything. We don’t just make this up as we go along, you know**)

**subs to check


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