18 October the quiet-Tess-ed part of the weekend


Just the DlikeT editors playing along tonight… and quite frankly the Norwich office is too tired for Tess-ery following a pair of late nights, but there we are. We have it on good authority that the Herts office has met actual** Disney princesses this weekend so how they have the energy to drape a doll in tights is beyond us.

Anyway, having been stalking yer actual Tess Daly’s Instagram we were convinced she was going to wear something black and strapless (again) tonight. Some of us had even got the tights ready. Well you could have knocked us down with a roll of sellotape when she appeared in a white top with silver embellishment and a black skirt. Kitchen roll, obvs. And foil. We like to think that had she worn this on a Saturday we’d have gone nuts with the glitter but we only get 45 mins on a Sunday so it’s always a bit more of a rush. Meanwhile, at the other end of the A11 (and left a bit), the Herts office has just had a tights clearout… which is useful. See if you can guess which Tess belongs to which house…



18 Oct Imogen Tess 18 Oct Amanda Tess 1

Meanwhile, Claudia was in red. We liderally threw some old leggings (which have been about eight DlikeTs already) at Claude and held them down with hope and sello.

18 Oct Imogen Claudia

Thankfully Exploria’s here! And she’s wearing Iggle Piggle’s blanket. Postmodernism. Totes.

18 October Exploria

Right, well, we’ve got a cup of tea and a Galaxy and are contemplating getting up at 515am to go training. Right now there’s a high chance of hitting the snooze button when the alarm rings…


STOP PRESS!!!! Lego Tesses from Yorkshire. We have Rosie, Amelia and Maisie to thank for these beauties.

18 Oct Rosie lego

Absolutely LOVE these!





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