26 October The Great-Tess-t Love of All

Bonjour and hello

Well. This is a bit odd. Actually writing DlikeT from a secret location somewhere under a tree in France and actually DIDN’T WATCH STRICTLY THIS WEEKEND! Argh. Fortunately not only was DlikeT co-ed Amanda “the talented one” in charge, but she played Saturday’s DlikeT with long-time DlikeT-er Charlotte, now of Somerset, and friend-of-DlikeT Harriet.

So anyway, we leave the country and Tess doesn’t wear flipping black. Good grief. Let’s celebrate the cerise first with Amanda, Char and Harry’s Somerset Tessery. Pink tights. Can’t live without ’em.

24 Oct Amanda Tess 1 24 Oct Amanda Harry Char Tess

I think at this point it’s important we see a shagpile carpet. Yes?

24 Oct Sal Tess 2

Actually it might be cushions. Oh. We were ever so excited that regular DlikeT-er Sally in north London (come on, you know Sally… she stands up in court in a wig… for all the right reasons) had a deep fluffy carpet but on closer inspection that might be yer actual sofa-embellishment. Any road, shall we see Sally’s Tess?

24 Oct Sal Tess 1

Sally says “perfect pink”. We happen to agree.

So shall we go to Norwich? We probably should. Just because the East Anglian Dress like Tess office has run away, doesn’t mean Norwich stops being a hive of Tess-based excitement. First up, here’s Amelie. We like Amelie. Not only has she done a Tess AND a Claudia but members of the Dress like Tess office have directly benefited from Amelie’s hand-me-down trousers. Fact.

24 Oct Amelie Tess Claudia

Still in the Fine City, here’s regular DlikeT-er Jenny. A bit of tissue has come up lovely as Tess’s frock, but Jenny’s house failed to get excited by Claudia. “More drab than gaudy today,” she told us. “Tempted to use a bin bag to mirror our feelings for the dress but recycled last week’s tights and added a bit of paper to finish it off (and a lot of sellotape).” Actually Jenny, we rather like your Claudia.

And that’s how you play. Can we use last week’s? Why not. (Incidentally if BBC budget tsars happen to be reading, please do not adopt this approach to actual Strictly. Although certain other shows might as well be recycled…)

24 Oct Jenny Tess 1 24 Oct Jenny Claudia 1

To Yorkshire now, where Kathryn Rhodes gives us both Tess and Claudia, and once again we’re really impressed by Claudia’s black frock.

24 Oct Kathryn Rhodes Tess 1 24 Oct Kathryn Rhodes Claudia 1

Let’s stay in Yorkshire, shall we, for what’s rapidly becoming a DlikeT highlight: Lego Tess! Rosie and her family in Farsley are ALL OVER this. Next week a Minecraft Tess? Made of lava?



24 Oct Rosie Lego Tess 1

And so to the results show. Lego Tess submitted by Maisie, as her mum Rosie went out for the evening. On a Sunday. Good grief.

25 Oct Maisie Tess 1

Back at home, the Herts office rather spectacularly gave us necklines. AND SLEEVES. And for that they will always be the powerhouse of DlikeT. Although not the “northern powerhouse” because that’s a silly expression and sounds far more like a dodgy discount telly shop than an actual economic THING.

25 Oct Amanda Tess 225 Oct Amanda Tess 1

And finally… let’s hear it for the Herts office’s guest, Jan. Jan’s what we’ll call a PROPER RUNNER, which is exciting enough in itself, but left alone with some pins and some pants, Jan did this Exploria

25 Oct Amanda Claudia 1

We are liderally forming a queue outside Jan’s house with our underwear and a hopeful expression.

Anyway, it’s Halloween next Saturday so anyone not being forced to wander the streets collecting cheap chocolate is welcome to play along…


a bientot





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