22 November 2015: giddy

Evening all

It’s a rare treat when the Norwich and Hertfordshire Dress like Tess offices get to watch Strictly in the same room. And Blackpool too. Marvs. How best to celebrate? Well… over the past few years we’ve spent Christmas together, in a non-Christmassy style with a running buffet and stacks of frozen “party food” rather than a turkey no one wants and vegetables that chocolate-engorged kids just push around their plates. This year we’re not doing Xmas, so we had fake festivities yesterday.

Turn oven to 190. Reheat for 15-20 minutes.

Added to the mix were some very good friends of Dress like Tess, whose fireplace has been a backdrop to more than one Tess-dressing extravaganza. One friend of DlikeT cannot resist actually dressing up as Tess… of which more later.

Anyway, Herts Tess packed her bags and drove up the A11.

21 Nov Tess on tour

So… you can probably guess that bargain fizzy wine was the order of the day. Here’s Herts office boss Amanda’s  Tess, with some candleholders.

21 Nov Amanda Tess 1

Tess’s sequin-tastic dress inspired our regular Taunton-based players, Charlotte and family. Here’s their first Tess:

21 Nov Char Tess 1

Taunton had guests, too… and they “bear-ed all” for us. (Sorry.)

21 Nov Char Tess 3 21 Nov Char Tess 2

These teds are from Hertfordshire but spent a weekend minibreak in Taunton, where they leapt into Tess-ery with glee. And a third bear couldn’t resist being Darcey. We love this… it’s a heart-rate monitor

21 Nov Char Tess 4

Back in Norwich, we had a go at a Darcey, too. Here’s Daisy, being Darcey, with a home-made Darcey. (This Darcey was made by someone far too cool for Dress like Tess, so we’ll protect her anonymity. Good Darcey, though.)

21 Nov Norwich Daisy Darcey

Anyway, when we play Dress like Tess, the Herts and Norwich offices like to check out our Facebook “likes”, especially the no-we’re-not-sure-how=they-work-it-out-either bar that says how many people each post allegedly “reached”. We’re happy with 10 or so “likes”, sometimes 100 or so “reaches”. But then we posted a Tess last night that accidentally broke the internet. This post has allegedly reached more than 1,000 people… and 997 of them are now in therapy.

Are you ready?

21 Nov we broke the internet

Oh yes. It’s Tess. In sequins.

Moving swiftly on, Claudia wore black with gold bits around the top. Norwich’s picture is more than a little blurred…

21 Nov Imogen Claudia 1

Fortunately, Exploria is completely in focus. Waist-deep in nuts.

21 Nov Amanda Exploria 1

So… today is Sunday and there simply isn’t enough tea in the caddy to mitigate the hangover. There has been yer actual weather outside and much lazing around on sofas with just-possibly-overtired kids. Still in Blackpool, we thought Jamelia was robbed.

Herts Tess has gone back home for a nice cuppa and a sit down.

22 Nov Amanda Tess undressed

Claudia did feathers…

22 Nov Char Claudia 1 22 Nov Amanda Claudia 2

Taunton sent in a pen. We like. Meanwhile, Exploria looks slightly exoticdanceresque.

Tess on the Telly did a black dress with silver ribbons. And of course we knocked up a quick tights’n’tinfoil homage.

Herts to the left, Norwich to the right. Here we are stuck in the middle with you.

22 Nov Amanda Tess 1 22 Nov Imogen Tess 1

So there we are. Tess-with-tache broke the internet and the DlikeT team enjoyed its pretendy Christmas immensely. The Norwich office is out of the country next weekend, but as you are by now all more than aware, the Herts office is really in charge of this gig.






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